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Jennifer -- our Day of Coordinator

"Jenn" is our Day of Coordinator.  She is incredibly caring and thoughtful.  She thinks of every detail.  She will make sure everything is how you want it....she takes the time she needs with each and every couple to make sure their day is completely unique and special!  

The Rest of our Awesome Team consists of Sammy, Jake, Laura, Jess, Olga, Gayle, Susie and Kate.  They are all incredibly hard working and take pride in making sure that each Wedding is very Special!!!   

Jake -- the DJ/Master of Ceremonies (and a very nice guest from a Wedding :O)

Jake (left in photo!) has been with us from almost the beginning!  He is the perfect "host" to guide the Wedding and the Reception through the courses.... he is kind and patient and will go over everything ahead of time with you, such as your song choices, what you do/don't like, etc.!  You are in GREAT hands with him!!!